LINET is the world’s third largest producer of hospital and nursing care beds. Over the past 20 years, LINET has experienced exceptional growth and successfully expanded to foreign markets. The holding LINET Group SE, which was established in 2011 through a merger with the German hospital beds producer WiBo, manufactures over 100 thousand beds per year, exports its products to more than 120 countries, and has subsidiaries in 20 countries. The company also produces a wide range of accessories such as antidecubitus mattresses, mobiliary, and hospital furniture. LINET has firmly established itself as a leader in the complex healthcare technology market thanks to two key areas of emphasis: technological innovation and design. LINET regularly introduces products and services with innovative features that reduce the degree of physical exertion required of caregivers as well as increase patient comfort and safety. An example of such innovation is the company’s combination with the smart SafetyMonitor system. Using integrated technology, including patient weight sensors, the system monitors the bed's safety parameters, such as patient presence, to prevent an oncoming risk situation or to trigger an alarm when a patient is in danger