BFW, Inc. was founded by Leon Cooper in 1971 in Lexington Kentucky and in 2010 BFW introduces the first major change to lamp technology powering the fibre optic light source in over 20 years with the ChromaLUME, utilizing plasma lamp technology. With technology strongly in the xenon-powered light sources, BFW saw the need to increase lamp life without affecting brightness. This was the steppingstone to the introduction to LED technology, which BFW adopted as it retained the intensity, yet lowered the heat output.

2014 BFW partners with supplier Long Island Technology Group to introduce the Lighthouse Series to the market. BFW’s line of portable and tethered headlights and light sources are now solely powered by LED technology. Robust quality and comfort along with clarity of illumination have been achieved with this line. Also introduced is the Pharos HD Coaxial Headlight/Camera System; improving upon past generations of quality headlight/video systems BFW has offered. Pharos provides a surgeon’s-eye view of the procedure, excellent for teaching and an invaluable aid to the OR team.

Newest arrival – the Bay Port Storage Solution – an attractive, functional solution to store headlights and charge multiple batteries in configurations to suit most needs.